Slice of Ad Tech

Episode 4: Mark McEachran (Yieldmo)

January 19, 2023
Slice of Ad Tech
Episode 4: Mark McEachran (Yieldmo)
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In this episode, we speak with Mark McEachran, VP of Product Management at Yieldmo. Tune in as he shares how he got started in ad tech, what his typical work day looks like, the problems that Yieldmo is solving for buyers and sellers, why publishers need a strategy for their non-addressable audience, as well as the importance of tracking what the platforms (iOS, Chrome, Firefox) are up to.

How did you get started in ad tech?
Tell me about a typical work day?
What's Yieldmo?
How is Yieldmo solving these challenges?
How does Yieldmo measure success?
What's happening in ad tech right now?
Driving revenue growth